SEO an eCommerce Site Structure

The site structure of AN ecommerce web site is extremely necessary. it’s to be straightforward to navigate, straightforward to crawl (by search engines) and it’s the place to begin to supply a good expertise for your users.

A big ecommerce web site could have lots of pages and it’s necessary to own a solid structure in order that users will notice what they require, within the least potential variety of clicks.

Why Ecommerce website Structure matters?

A good ecommerce website structure contains a variety of hidden edges to offer:

Speed: If you’ve got any expertise with web site speed improvement, you recognize that once it involves fine standardisation your website’s load speed, you’ve got to cope with variety of things.

Website’s that have a transparent structure need less code resources (css, javascript), create fewer requests to the server and that they load quicker.

In addition, computer programme crawlers ar able to crawl the web site quicker, discover a lot of pages and this successively will have an enormous impact on your SEO efforts.

Site links: website links ar shown within the computer programme results pages (SERPS), once somebody is sorting out your name on Google.

In case of AN ecommerce store, sitelinks can show your main classes, like this instance from Best obtain.

Sitelinks ar nice for SEO. Not solely they will attract a lot of clicks to the foremost necessary pages of your web site however they’re conjointly smart for disapproval.

The problem is that you simply cannot specify that pages of your web site to incorporate as sitelinks.

It’s up to Google to determine what to point out in your snip. you’ll be able to use the Google Search Console (site links menu), to exclude pages from showing as sitelinks however to not embody.

A poor {site|website|web website} structure can minimize your possibilities of obtaining sitelinks within the SERPS whereas an honest site structure can facilitate Google develop the correct pages to point out as sitelinks at the side of your title and outline.

More conversions: the last word goal of each on-line look is to come up with a lot of sales.

To make sales you’ve got to ‘push’ your potential customers into the sales funnel, which can embody variety of alternative conversions (sign up for news report, leads etc).

A well organized and outlined website structure is crucial for this method to figure as planned.

Visitors ought to simply notice what they require while not having to click over and over and while not outlay longer on a page than required.
6 Steps to making the location Structure for your eCommerce store

Let’s see the steps for making AN SEO optimized structure for your ecommerce look.
Step 1: produce a data structure with no quite three levels

An ecommerce web site ought to have a data structure.

Your home page is at the highest of the hierarchy and below you’ll be able to have a pair of or three levels before you reach all-time low of the hierarchy – your product pages.

The home page is at the highest of the hierarchy, followed by the most classes (level 1), sub classes (level 2) and eventually the merchandise pages (level 3).

The best thanks to elect a way to produce your structure is to require into consideration the result from your keyword analysis method.

If you haven’t browse my previous post on a way to do keyword analysis for AN ecommerce web site, I counsel you browse it before continued to following steps.

Keyword analysis isn’t solely necessary for optimizing your titles and descriptions however it will give you with concepts on a way to structure your web site.
Step 2: produce an easy Menu That Replicates the location Structure

The navigation i.e. the menus of the look, ought to replicate the structure. If you get the structure right, your navigation are going to be straightforward to grasp and follow.

A few things to require into consideration, once deciding for your navigation structure and menus:

Keep it easy – once planning the menu structure, perpetually have in mind to stay it as easy as potential.

Avoid adding pages to the menu that aren’t required or making fly out submenus menus once it’s not necessary.

As a rule of thumb, every page on your web site ought to be accessible from the homepage in no quite three clicks.

Make use of facet menus – once a user selects a specific class from the most menu, you’ll be able to show them a landing page with a facet menu to assist them notice the product they require.

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