Promote Your Blog Posts Without Taking Any Risks

It is necessary to possess a web log post promotion strategy, just because while not one, your hardly created content won’t reach its full potential.

Promoting your new web log posts in any valid approach you’ll isn’t one thing optional however is critical for your net site’s success.

Every time you publish new content, it’s a good chance to succeed in out and inform your existing audience however conjointly gain new readers, followers or customers.

A mistake that a lot of individuals create is to publish new content and expect that it’ll be as if by magic promoted on facebook or twitter and gain attraction or thousands of tourists on its own.

This may be true for established websites with an enormous audience. For smaller websites or blogs, it’s your duty to travel out and unfold the word concerning your new web log post.

What you may scan below is complementary to my existing post a way to increase electronic computer traffic – wherever I explained the foremost necessary electronic computer promotion methods you would like to use.

In this post, you may study the eleven most well liked ways that to push new content.

You will conjointly learn the way to not promote your posts, if you wish to remain out of hassle and minimize your risks of obtaining penalties from Google, Facebook or alternative search engines.
10+1 ways that to push your new web log posts

Let’s start.
#1 – Publish your new post on your Facebook Business Page

Add your new post on your net site’s Facebook page. this can get the message dead set your fans.

In order for this technique to possess a come back i.e. traffic from facebook or likes to your new web log post you would like to possess lots of facebook fans (likes) on your business page.
#2 – Share the Facebook post along with your friends (facebook personal account)

Share along with your facebook friends (using your personal facebook account), the facebook post you have got already denote on top of.

In alternative words head to your personal timeline and like and share the post directly from your business page.
#3 – Share your post on Google+

Repeat identical method along with your Google+ business page and Google+ personal page i.e. Share the new post on your google+ business page so share that post along with your personal google+ circles.
#4 – Publish your post on Twitter

Tweet concerning your new post. you’ll do totally different tests to search out out that is that the best time to tweet so as to possess the simplest attainable come back.

Actually you would like to try and do identical with facebook and google+ and resolve the actual timeframe that you just have most of your fans/followers on-line.

The easiest ways that to try and do this can be post or tweet within the morning, afternoon or night for every week and establish amount} period offers you additional likes, tweets, +1 etc.
#5 – customise your Social Posts

Try to avoid machine-controlled posts on facebook or twitter. rather than posting mechanically on facebook or twitter do the postings manually and follow up any comments.

You can still use a programming tool like buffer, however attempt to create your titles fascinating in order that individuals can click or share.
#6 – Use a catchy description

Use a catchy description along with your social media postings. typically the title isn’t enough to induce readers attention, therefore attempt to be inventive however to the purpose (avoid long sentences or paragraphs).

#7 – Share the post on Pinterest

Pin to your pinterest boards. forward that you just invariably have a picture related to your posts (if you don’t, it’s time to start out victimisation pictures for your most significant posts – at least), pin that to your pinterest board.
#8 – Use StumbleUpon

Add to stumbleupon. Stumbleupon was on-line before facebook, google+ and twitter and it’s a good thanks to get traffic to your electronic computer and unfold the word concerning your new content.

I like stumbleupon as a result of it’s terribly simple to use; it works and provides you the chance to get very cool websites and blogs on the market on the online, you otherwise wouldn’t comprehend.
#9 – Let your email subscribers grasp

Many websites enable users to register to their write ups however they ne’er truly send a newsletter out.

If you have got AN email write up organized ensure that your new posts ar emailed to your subscribers.

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#10 – RSS Feed

RSS remains one amongst the foremost effective ways that to push your electronic computer and content.

People who subscribe your feed eff for one explicit reason i.e. to induce your updates in order that they ar additional possible to act (share on their social media channels) along with your posts moreover.
#11 – Send Notifications (web and mobile)

This is one amongst my favorite strategies. If you have got a native mobile app (android, iPhone, Windows phone etc) for your electronic computer, on every occasion you publish a replacement post your users are notified in their mobiles.

It is a good thanks to promote your new post and find direct visits to your electronic computer.

If you don’t have a mobile app, you’ll use a service like onesignal (free), to send notifications to your subscribers.
How to not promote your web log posts

The eleven strategies explained on top of ar in my opinion the simplest ways that to push your web log posts while not losing an excessive amount of time.

While doing my analysis to put in writing this text (originally denote in 2013), I found variety of alternative suggestions that ought to be avoided if you wish to attenuate the risks of obtaining a penalty from Google or Facebook.

Adding your web log post link within the comments section of alternative blogs: I in person don’t approve comments that have links as a result of within the majority of cases their purpose isn’t to produce a helpful comment however to induce a link from my electronic computer.

As I matter of reality I think about such technique spamming and that i doubt if it worth’s it slow.

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