Metrics to Measure Your Online Marketing

One of the foremost tough tasks related to on-line selling is knowing whether or not or not it’s operating. Sure, you may have first page rankings for all of your vital keywords, AN AdWords campaign that brings in an exceedingly multitude of clicks each month, and thousands of Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers. however however does one apprehend that it’s really effective? Below, I hope to create the solution to the present question to a small degree easier by supplying you with five metrics you must be activity to trace the success of your on-line selling campaign.

Each of the below metrics square measure simply half-track with Google Analytics. If you are doing not apprehend what Google Analytics is, please browse the subsequent article for AN in-depth crash course: Introduction to Google Analytics.

Total Visits
While this metric doesn’t spell success all by itself (no one metric does), it tells you the way many folks are literally creating it to your website; that’s, what number individuals square measure finding you on-line and visiting your web site. you’ll be ranking well for your core keywords, however if they aren’t leading to visits, one thing is perhaps wrong.

Additionally, once it involves observing visits, make certain to appear at what number of these square measure coming back from new guests, as returning guests will typically by artificial means inflate the amount of total visits your web site is receiving.

Channel Traffic
Not solely is it vital to understand what number visits you’re obtaining, it’s even as vital to understand wherever those visits square measure coming back from – square measure they coming back from organic search, paid search, etc.? activity the trends in every traffic channel can permit you to stay a watch on what’s operating and what’s not in your on-line selling strategy.

Bounce Rate
The bounce rate tells you the way many folks inspect one page on your web site then leave – they bounced. therefore if your bounce rate is seventieth (which is incredibly high), meaning that seventieth of your website’s guests solely checked out one page then left. High bounce rates may well be indicative of moot traffic, a nasty web site, a web site short on relevant content, among alternative things.

This is the bread and butter of on-line selling – what number of your website’s guests square measure turning into leads (or within the case of ecommerce sites, customers). If you’re not changing your guests, your on-line selling most likely isn’t terribly palmy.

Conversion Rate
You want to convert as several of your web site guests into leads as doable. this is often very true if you’re paying for guests through Google AdWords or alternative sorts of PPC advertising. After all, you merely wish to get hold of the visits that have the best chance of turning into a decent lead. If you’re paying for visits that aren’t netting you conversions, you’re most likely wasting your cash.

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