How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – My Step by Step Process

Writing optimized web log posts for each search engines and users, is a skill. And like all alternative talent, it may be improved by observe.

Despite what many folks assume, it’s not a troublesome method. There square measure some easy steps to follow to confirm that everything you publish on your web site or web log is SEO friendly.

Things just like the title of the post, the web log structure, the format, headings and paragraphs, square measure straightforward to mend and nevertheless play a really necessary role in rankings.

What you may scan during this post, is that the ten Step method I follow to SEO optimize all my web log posts.

Before getting in the main points, it’s necessary to clarify 2 things, that plenty of individuals notice confusing.

First, associate degree SEO friendly web log post is additionally a easy web log post. many folks believe that if a web log post is optimized for search engines, it’s somehow less friendly for the users. this is often not true.

The true which means of SEO is to publish content that each search engines and users will perceive.

If each of those conditions don’t seem to be met, then you’ve got restricted possibilities of achieving high rankings and your readers square measure additional doubtless to ‘ignore’ your post.

If on the opposite hand, you manage to satisfy each criteria, then your web log posts can rank higher within the SERPS, users can pay longer reading and fascinating together with your content (adding comments, sharing to social media or converting).

Second, a post that’s SEO optimized doesn’t essentially have nice content. This several sound sort of a contradicting statement however it’s not. Let Maine make a case for.

The quality of the content is one among the foremost necessary factors once evaluating a web log post however it’s not the sole one.

A well optimized web log post with nice quality content has additional possibilities of ranking higher in search whereas a well optimized web log post with not therefore sensible content, has restricted possibilities of achieving high Google rankings.

In alternative words, you shouldn’t expect a web log post to rank high simply because you followed the steps to form it SEO friendly.

It’s the mix {of sensible|of excellent|of fine} content and good SEO (including Off Page SEO), that may push a web log post within the initial pages of Google.
10 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly web log Posts

So, currently that you just have a higher understanding of what’s associate degree optimized web log post and what’s not, let’s see the way to guarantee (before you hit the publish button), that your web log are SEO friendly.
1. assume before you begin writing

Any time you pay within the starting considering what to jot down in your web log post, it’s time that you just can save later within the method.

This is what I do:

On a everyday, I scan variety of articles associated with SEO and Digital selling from varied blogs.

When I notice a title or topic that’s attention-grabbing and a candidate for one among my blogs, I copy the computer address and title to my notes.

At the start of every month I produce my commercial enterprise schedule. Among alternative sources, I additionally cross-check my notes and review all saved articles.

After I decide that topics to hide, I set a commercial enterprise date for every topic in a very Google calendar.

When it’s time to truly write the post, I take the subject and do a additional elaborate analysis (including keyword research) to answer these questions:

What specific topics to hide within the web log post?
what’s the goal of the post (to reclaim rankings for a keyword, to induce additional subscribers, to market my SEO ebook, etc.)
however can the new post profit my readers?

Answering these queries before, makes it easier to maneuver on to ensuing steps.
2. produce the structure of the web log post

The next step is to jot down down the structure of your web log post. By structure we have a tendency to mean to outline the various components of the post.

Splitting a web log post into varied components, will build writing easier. It’s quicker and additional economical to jot down two hundred words to hide a selected a part of the post, instead of making an attempt to jot down larger sections.

HINT: this is often significantly helpful once you don’t have the time to complete the post in one sitting. Once you’ve got the structure prepared, you’ll work on the various components severally of every alternative without having plenty of your time to re-generate your focus and organize your thoughts.

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