How to SEO Ecommerce Category Pages

Category pages ar important for ecommerce websites. Having properly optimized class (or archive) pages will get you high rankings for keywords which will probably generate sales and revenue.

In this piecemeal guide, you may learn the way to SEO your ecommerce class pages and increase your possibilities of obtaining organic traffic for terms associated with your merchandise or services.

Why ar ecommerce class pages important?

Category pages will probably become high authority pages

Best practices for ecommerce websites indicate that you simply ought to have a data structure with no over three levels.

This means that besides the homepage, the second most vital pages of the positioning ar the class pages.

As you’ll see within the diagram below, authority and ‘link juice’ is stronger on class pages since these ar placed high within the hierarchy.

To take advantage of this tho’ and have some real gains in terms of rankings and traffic, you wish to try to to some SEO work to optimize those pages.

Failing to try to to therefore, might generate the other impact since Google won’t contemplate them as necessary and your overall domain authority are going to be negatively affected.

Category pages will assist you deliver the goods higher rankings

Another necessary reason why class pages ar necessary is rankings.

Many ecommerce websites ar unable to rank for individual product pages as a result of a similar merchandise ar obtainable in larger websites and that they tend to realize the primary places within the SERPS or as a result of folks don’t use the individual product names to go looking however they use additional general terms.

For example, let’s assume that you simply ar merchandising men’s water sport wetsuits just like the example below.

Users ar additional possible to go looking for “men water sport wetsuits” and alternative connected terms and not for the individual merchandise.

Optimize your class URLS

Category SEO starts by optimizing the URLs. As explained within the ecommerce website structure article, your class URLS ought to describe specifically what the page is all concerning while not further characters or unnecessary data.

For example, if you have got a class for men’s shoes your address ought to be:

Keep your URLS clean, short and to the purpose and check that that the user will tell from the address alone what the class is all concerning.

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