How to Migrate Your Website to https Without Losing SEO

This step by step guide can show you ways to migrate your WordPress web site from HTTP to https while not losing your rankings or SEO.

To go through the method with success you’ll want associate degree SSL certificate and FTP access to your web site.

Before we have a tendency to get into the technical details, allow us to initial examine what can we mean by ‘migrate your web site to https’, why it’s necessary to try to to thus and what’s the link between https and Google rankings.

What is https and SSL Certificate?

Let’s begin with the basics:

What is associate degree SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. it’s a security protocol that enforces encrypted communication between internet|the online|the net} browser and also the web server.

This means that any info that’s transmitted between your web site and net server like usernames and passwords, mastercard info and the other knowledge submitted by users, is secure and encrypted.

If associate degree SSL isn’t gift, the knowledge is submitted in plain text.

What is the matter with that? If a hacker manages to intercept the association between your web site and server, will get access to the knowledge.

What is https? Websites that have associate degree SSL certificate put in and designed are often accessed mistreatment rather than the normal non-secure method of

Modern browsers, label https websites with the word secure as shown below.

To get associate degree EV-SSL, the certificate provision company must verify your organization details (like company address, registration id) to confirm that the actual web site is that the official representative of that company.
Is https a ranking signal?

Https isn’t one thing new, it’s been around for years however it had been till 2014 that Google set to start out associate degree initiative to create the online safer and introduced the motto “https everywhere”.

They started by creating all google searches https and additionally proclaimed that https websites would gain a awfully little ranking boost.

You can browse below the connected paragraph from their 2014 announcement in Google webmaster central web log.

google https pointers

When Google says a light-weight signal, it means different things being equal, a webpage that’s https can rank higher than a webpage that’s non-https.

The adoption of https continues to be low however recent studies show that the share of https websites in increasing steady.

How to Move a WordPress web site from HTTP to https

Here square measure the steps on a way to move your WordPress web site from https to https.

Install associate degree SSL Certificate to your server

The first step is to get associate degreed install an SSL certificate on your webserver. Google states that you just will use any fashionable SSL certificate as long because it supports 2048-bit key encoding.

The cost of a standard certificate is aprx $50 per annum and may be issued instantly by the supplier.

The best thanks to get past this step is to contact your net hosting supplier associate degreed raise them to put in an SSL certificate on your server.

Most net hosting suppliers have choices in their account dashboards (or cpanel), wherever you’ll purchase associate degree SSL.

Once they install the SSL, you’ll certify it’s operating ok by navigating to your web site mistreatment https.

amendment WordPress Default address

The second step is to login to your WordPress dashboard and find the overall choice, that is found below the SETTINGS menu.

Make sure that each your WordPress Address (URL) and website Address (URL) begin with https.

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