How Do Search Engines Work & Why You Should Care

Have you ever questioned what number times per day you utilize Google or the other programme to look the web?

Is it five times, ten times or maybe generally more? Did you recognize that Google alone handles over two trillion searches per year?

The numbers area unit large. Search engines became a part of our lifestyle. we tend to use them as a learning tool, a looking tool, for fun and leisure however conjointly for business.


And the reason this is often happening is extremely easy. we all know that search engines and specially Google, has answers to any or all our queries and queries.

What happens although after you blood type question and click on search? however do search engines work internally and the way do they decide what to indicate within the search results and in what order?

If you’re a developer, designer, tiny business owner, promoting skilled, web site owner or thinking of making a private diary or web site for your business, then you would like to know however search engines work.


Having a transparent understanding of however search works, will assist you produce a web site that search engines will perceive, and this encompasses a variety of supplemental advantages.

It’s the primary step you would like to require before even handling programme optimisation (SEO) or the other SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tasks.

How Search Works

Search engines area unit complicated pc programs.

Before they even enable you to blood type question and search the online, they need to try and do lots of preparation work in order that after you click “Search”, you’re bestowed with a collection of precise and quality results that answer your question or question.

What will the ‘preparation work’ includes? 2 main stages. the primary stage is that the method of discovering the knowledge and therefore the second stage is organizing the knowledge in order that it are often used later for search functions.

This is typically far-famed within the web World as creeping and compartmentalisation.


Search engines have variety of pc programs known as internet crawlers (thus the word Crawling), that area unit to blame for finding info that’s publically on the market on the net.

To change a sophisticated method, it’s enough for you to grasp that the duty of those package crawlers (also called programme spiders), is to scan the net and realize the servers (also called webservers) hosting websites.

They produce an inventory of all the webservers to crawl, the amount of internet sites hosted by every server and so begin work.

They visit every web site and by victimisation completely different techniques, they struggle to seek out out what number pages they need, whether or not it’s text content, images, videos or the other format (css, html, javascript, etc).

When visiting a web site, besides listening of the amount of pages they conjointly follow any links (either inform to pages at intervals the location or to external websites), and so they discover a lot of and a lot of pages.

They do this incessantly and that they conjointly keep track of changes created to a web site in order that they recognize once new pages area unit supplemental or deleted, once links area unit updated, etc.

If {you take|you’re taking|you area unit taking} into consideration that there area unit over a hundred thirty trillion individual pages on the net nowadays and on the average thousands of latest pages are revealed on a daily, you’ll be able to imagine that this is often lots of labor.

Why care regarding the creeping process?

Your clenched fist concern once optimizing your web site for search engines, is to make sure that they’ll access it properly otherwise if they can not ‘read’ your web site, you shouldn’t expect abundant in terms of high rankings or programme traffic.

As explained on top of, crawlers have lots of labor to try to to do} and you must try and create their job easier.

There area unit variety of things to try and do to form certain that crawlers will discover and access your web site within the quickest attainable means basically.

Use Robots.txt to specify that pages of your web site you don’t need crawlers to access. for instance, pages like your admin or backend pages and different pages you don’t need to be publically on the market on the net.
huge search engines like Google and Bing, have tools you’ll be able to use to convey them a lot of info regarding your web site (number of pages, structure, etc) in order that they don’t have to be compelled to realize it themselves.
Use AN xml sitemap to list all necessary pages of your web site in order that the crawlers will recognize that pages to observe for changes and that to ignore.

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