Hidden Facebook Marketing Hacks

When I 1st started diving into Facebook promoting for business i used to be happy to easily transmit associate degree error-free post. No typos? No poorly-cropped images? No negative feedback? Perfect!

But with every new post came new learnings concerning Facebook promoting best practices till it came to some extent wherever I might explore all of the helpful options that Facebook should supply.

For the over a pair of billion active monthly users on Facebook, scrolling through the feed and catching up with the most recent news is straightforward enough. except for the social media managers and marketers managing roaring Facebook pages, there’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes, creating it a challenge to stay up with all of the new options they’re rolling out on a usual.

That’s why it’s necessary (and fun) for America to share all of this handy Facebook promoting info in order that we are able to produce a higher expertise for our audiences. as a result of at the top of the day, it’s all concerning the user.

In the spirit sharing, here ar ten hidden Facebook promoting options and hacks for social media marketers to do today!

1. Pages to observe

Though we’ve written concerning the Facebook Pages to observe feature within the past, it still warrants a prime mention here owing to its amazing capabilities. Marketers will follow up to a hundred completely different complete pages, leaving a fast comparison of page activity (filtered by prime posts over the previous seven days), engagement and audience growth to your own.

To access the Pages to observe feature, click “Insights”

Add the pages you’d prefer to watch to your list. Once they’re additional, hover over the name, click and watch the magic happen. Facebook provides a close read of each one amongst their posts from the present week. this permits you to quickly check the highest posts from each page you follow during a matter of seconds.

2. Search previous posts for specific expression and insights

Many social media marketers ar accustomed to the quality post performance information underneath the Insights tab. It’s a strong tool for mensuration performance on receptive posts with stats on: reactions, link clicks, shares, likes on shares, page unlikes, hide posts and far additional.

But some marketers could also be unacquainted with another nice Facebook promoting feature that i favor to decision the printed “Post Search” tool underneath your page’s “Publishing Tools” tab.

I love this feature as a result of I will simply seek for posts around sure topics and see what expression, pictures or a mixture of each has worked antecedently.

It’s additionally terribly helpful for brands that post content over once throughout the year (which we discover terribly roaring here at Buffer with our Rebuffer tool) because it helps to avoid duplicating poor-performing content.

Before posting associate degree older article, ask: Have I denote this content before?

If no — What different varieties of posts have recently been roaring and the way am i able to replicate that success?
If affirmative — however am i able to repurpose this content to confirm that it reaches a fresh set of eyes?

3. sort of a Page as your complete

A great thanks to support and show some love towards different brands on Facebook is to love their page from your personal page. however did you recognize that you just may also like different brands’ pages as your business page? Yup!

This swell very little feature from Facebook permits marketers to support their favorite brands from their own business page.

To like another complete from your business page, seek for the page you would like to “Like” and head to their timeline. Then, click the little gear icon and choose “Like As Your Page”:

4. Save a writing for later

With Facebook’s “Save for Later” feature, you’ll be able to save and bookmarker a number of the items you see on Facebook to look at later, just like the links or videos your friends post, future events, Pages or photos.

I love this feature as a result of I’m typically on-the-go once poring over Facebook then it helps American state to avoid wasting things i’ll need to share later and tag necessary news concerning promoting or social media that I ought to scan.

5. counsel your Page to email contacts

Talk about little-known, however whole amazing Facebook hacks! This one is buried inside your Page choices and magic once you discover it.

As atiny low business or a complete that’s simply obtaining started on Facebook, it’s helpful for you to be ready to invite your email contacts to love your Page for initial growth.

Once you decide on “Suggest Page,” a pop-up menu can provide you with the varied email integration choices that you just will use to import your contacts.
Keep in mind that there ar many limitations here. you’ll be able to solely transfer five,000 contacts per day, therefore that’s one thing to stay in mind if you’re making an attempt to herald an oversized client or subscriber list. Still, 5,000 contacts per day may be a fantastic start!

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