Google Tag Manager now has a native scroll depth tracking plugin

The new feature lets website house owners track vertical and horizontal scrolling on their web site pages.

Google Tag Manager has additional a native scroll depth trigger tool to report scroll-tracking information in Google Analytics.

According to Simo Ahava’s diary post on the new feature, the native scroll depth trigger includes basic choices that permit users to trace each vertical and horizontal scrolling. website house owners will track scrolling activity on all or choose pages of a web site.

“The new trigger comes with all the bottom options you’d expect in a very scroll depth pursuit plugin,” writes Ahava, “There’s no choice to track scrolling to specific hypertext mark-up language components, however fortunately the recently free component Visibility trigger takes care of this.”

To alter the feature, head to the “Trigger Configuration” menu among Google Tag Manager and choose “Scroll Depth.” From there, users will tack “Scroll Depth Threshold,” “Scroll Depth Units” and “Scroll Direction” pursuit parameters.

While Ahava reports the new plugin works well and makes it simple to line up a Google Analytics Event tag for scroll-depth pursuit, he notes that users ought to be conscious of bound pursuit choices.

“If you load the page in order that you’re on or have crossed anybody of the outlined thresholds, the gtm.scrollDepth trigger can mechanically hearth for all the thresholds you have got crossed,” writes Ahava, “So, if you’re at the terribly bottom of a page and you reload the page, GTM can hearth a trigger for every of the thresholds twenty fifth, 50%, 75%, and 100%, while not the user expressly scrolling.”

As Ahava mentions, there are third-party choices for capturing scroll-tracking information via Google Tag Manager: Rob Flaherty’s Scroll Depth jQuery plugin and LunaMetrics’ Scroll pursuit direction.

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