Google News to deprecate old RSS feed URLs on December 1, 2017

Do you purchase Google News RSS feeds? Well, you’ll have noticed that they seem to be utterly broken currently.

Google News are depreciative their previous RSS feed subscription URLs by December one, 2017. which means if you have got Google News RSS feed subscriptions from a year about agone, you’ll ought to bear all those subscriptions and update them.

A Google interpreter told programme Land, “We ar creating some necessary enhancements to our system that powers RSS feeds. … As a results of this update, the Google News RSS computer address pattern is ever-changing.”

To update your RSS feeds, you would like to travel to and choose the section you wish or produce a custom section. At all-time low of the section’s page, click RSS. this may build the feed seem. Copy the computer address from the address bar to urge the new computer address for the RSS feed.

Google told United States of America the previous RSS URLs can now not work effective December one, 2017. the reality is, it looks to American state that the previous RSS feed URLs ar on the far side broken these days, a month before the December one point.

Yesterday afternoon, my previous RSS feed subscriptions began showing a message within the feeds that read:

This RSS feed computer address is deprecated.

This RSS feed computer address is deprecated, please update. New URLs will be found within the footers at

I spoke to Google, and Google told American state it absolutely was concerning ever-changing the new feeds to a brand new system, and that they can get those previous feeds duplicate. They did get those previous feeds duplicate, however those previous feeds appear to be utterly moot. i’m seeing stories utterly unrelated to any keywords I actually have in my feed subscription. i’m unsure if Google plans on fixing the previous RSS feed URLs or if they’ll tell searchers to update to the new URLs.

It is sad, as a result of i think Google may have redirected the previous RSS feed computer address patterns to the new RSS feed computer address patterns for those exploitation them. except for some reason, i’m not clear on why, they didn’t take this approach.

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