Engaging Your Audience on Social Media – Facebook

Today we have a tendency to square measure progressing to get to a small degree a lot of specific regarding what to post on Facebook, once to post, however usually to post, etc. Facebook could be a good way to have interaction with potential new customers and retain existing customers – if you are doing it right.

How usually To Post On Facebook
For small to medium firms with but five,000 fans, once or double each day is lots. Have over five,000 fans? contemplate posting three to four times per day.

Think you don’t have time to try and do this? put aside half-hour at the start of the week and use a programing app like Hootsuite or Buffer. this can be conjointly nice if you would like to post one thing on a selected date and don’t need to forget.

When To Post On Facebook
Here could be a nice article regarding once to post on Facebook. I extremely suggest one around 8AM then once more within the afternoon. These ought to diverge posts and not an equivalent one recurrent. it should take some trial and error to search out the simplest time for your business, however keep making an attempt.

What To Post On Facebook
People like to see photos and videos the foremost. you must create approx. eightieth of your posts fun and informational and solely two hundredth regarding selling/marketing your product. this can be wherever several businesses fail – they perpetually promote themselves and their fans get bored.

Are you a realtor? offer some {tips on|recommendations on|tips regarding} obtaining your house able to sell or produce a video showing what curb charm is all about.

Do you sell a product? Show that product getting used in numerous ways in which. raise your customers to post photos of however they use the merchandise. Coke has nice success with this right away. individuals square measure making all types of fun photos and videos victimization the Coke bottles that have names or words on them.

Engage together with your Fans
And finally, you want to have interaction together with your fans. Don’t simply set things to post and forget them. somebody leaves a review – say many thanks. somebody asks an issue – answer it. whether or not sensible or unhealthy, you would like to reply to each comment left on your Facebook page. Social media is regarding engagement. Don’t have interaction and other people can quickly forget you.

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